Crummer Site Subdivision

 Project Overview

The proposed project includes the development of five single-family residences on an irregularly shaped, approximately 24-acre vacant, bluff top parcel located on the southeast corner of Malibu Canyon Road and PCH that includes coastal bluff and inland bluff features.

Project Status

In 2014, the City Council certified the Final Environmental Impact Report, adopted the Findings of Fact and Mitigation Monitoring Report Program, approved the subdivision, approved the proposed Local Coastal Program Amendment and Zoning Ordinance amendments (Ordinance No. 379). for the final adopted resolutions and ordinances see the Additional Resources section below.

California Coastal Commission (CCC) Hearings - On August 12, 2015, the Coastal Commission approved the Local Coastal Program Amendment (LCPA) with modifications revising all homes to be one-story, requiring a berm along the south-facing slope to better screen views from Pacific Coast Highway, other site minor site design modifications to further reduce visual impacts. Subsequently, the City Council adopted the suggested modifications and the LCPA was certified by the CCC. Since the project has been modified, each of the individual CDPs for the homes required re-review by the Planning Commission.

The Planning Commission held a public hearing to consider coastal development permit amendments for the revised five homes and an Addendum to the Environmental Impact Report on June 6, 2016 and approved the revised homes. See the Additional Resources section below for the Planning Commission resolutions.

As of January 2017, the project applicant has submitted an application to the City for recordation of the Final Map. Currently, the project applicant is working with the City’s Public Works Department to provide all necessary engineering exhibits and analyses in support of this application. Once the application has been deemed complete, all of the required improvement plans have been reviewed and approved, and compliance with all relevant conditions of approval have been satisfied, the Final Map will be scheduled for review by the Malibu City Council.

For adopted resolutions, ordinance, and the Local Coastal Program amendment materials, see the Additional Resources section below.

Public Meetings

To view meeting materials for meeting prior to 2015, visit OnBase.

Environmental Documents

Additional Resources

Planning Commission Final Resolutions for the Revised Homes

Project Plans - For the 2016 revised project plans, see the June 6, 2016 Planning Commission agenda report.

Local Coastal Program Amendment

 City Council Resolution