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Where can I obtain information on elections?
To determine your polling place or to obtain voter information, visit the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk website


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1. How do I become a registered voter in Malibu?
2. Who is responsible for conducting Malibu General Municipal Elections?
3. Where can I obtain information on elections?
4. What are the eligibility requirements to run for Malibu City Council?
5. Is there a filing fee involved for my candidacy?
6. Is there a fee for my candidate's statement?
7. What happens if I change my mind about running for office after filing the nomination paper?
8. Who can sign my nomination paper?
9. What if some of the signatures I obtain on my nomination paper are not registered voters or do not live within the City limits?
10. May I change or correct the wording or spelling on my candidate's statement after submission?
11. If I submit a voluntary candidate's statement and I change my mind, may I withdraw the statement?
12. Can someone deliver my nomination paper to the City Clerk for me?
13. How often does the City Council meet?
14. Is the City Council position paid?

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