Homelessness Task Force

At its July 21, 2021 Special meeting, the City Council adopted Resolution No. 21-43 establishing a 10-member Homelessness Task Force, with each Councilmember appointing two members. The Task Force will be charged with reviewing existing efforts of the Homelessness Working Group, reviewing the concept and potential need for an Alternative Sleeping Location (ASL), developing strategies to mitigate fire safety concerns of encampments located in open space and undeveloped private property, developing strategies for addressing other issues related to homelessness, and providing regular updates and recommendations to the City Council.


The Homelessness Task Force meets regularly on the third Tuesday of each month at 2:00 PM.  

Agendas and Minutes 

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Deborah BentonJuly 21, 2021Silverstein
Wayne CohenJuly 21, 2021Pierson
Terry DavisJuly 21, 2021Grisanti
Scott DittrichJuly 21, 2021Uhring
Chris FrostJuly 21, 2021Farrer
Kelly PessisJuly 21, 2021Uhring
Ian RovenJuly 21, 2021Grisanti
Bill SampsonJuly 21, 2021Silverstein
Joshua SpiegelJuly 11, 2022Farrer
Bill WinokurJuly 21, 2021Pierson


When the Homelessness Task Force was formed, the Council waived the requirements of Council Policy No. 48, allowing individuals already appointed to a City commission, board, or committee to concurrently serve on the Homelessness Task Force. 

Active City Councilmembers may not be appointed as a member of any City board, commission, or committee. Councilmembers do serve on City Council Subcommittees and Ad Hoc Committees.