Malibu Country Inn

Project Status

Updated 1/3/22 -  On January 24, 2022, at 6:30 PM, the City Council will hold a virtual public hearing on the Malibu County Inn project entitlements and land use and zoning map amendments. For more information, view the Notice of Public Hearing. The staff report will be available online prior to the meeting. For instructions on how to view and participate in the meeting, visit

Project overview

An application to increase the lot area of the Malibu Country Inn lot with land from the Point Dume Club mobile home park, change the land use designation for the increased area of the Malibu Country Inn lot from Mobile Home Residential (MH) to Commercial Visitor Serving (CV), change the Zoning Map and Local Coastal Program maps from Commercial Visitor Serving–1 (CV-1) to Commercial Visitor Serving–2 (CV-2) and the increased area of the Malibu Country Inn lot from MH to CV-2, replace the existing restaurant, after-the-fact approval of a deck attached to the restaurant and replace a 200 square foot unpermitted storage shed with a 100 square foot storage shed. The project is proposed at 6506 Westward Beach Road. 

Coastal Commission Review

Should the City Council approve the project, the LCP amendment will be submitted to the California Coastal Commission for certification review. The project will not be effective until the LCP amendment is certified by the California Coastal Commission. Should the California Coastal Commission certify the LCP amendment, an aggrieved person may appeal the City Council’s approval to the Coastal Commission within 10 working days of the issuance of the City’s Notice of Final Action. Appeal forms may be found online at or in person at the Coastal Commission South Central Coast District office located at 89 South California Street in Ventura, or by calling 805-585-1800. Such an appeal must be filed with the Coastal Commission, not the City.

Public Hearings 

Staff reports will be available in the Agenda Center prior to meetings. To view instructions on how to view or participate in a meeting, or to view a previously held meeting, visit  

CEQA - environmental review

Pursuant to the authority and criteria contained in the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), the Planning Director has analyzed this proposed project and found that it is listed among the classes of projects that have been determined not to have a significant adverse effect on the environment. Therefore, the project is categorically exempt from the provisions of CEQA pursuant to CEQA Guidelines Sections 15061, 15302, 15301(e), and 15305. The Planning Director has further determined that none of the six exceptions to the use of a categorical exemption apply to this project (CEQA Guidelines Section 15300.2). 


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