Operating Permit Program

Environmental Health staff assists property owners with requirements for the operation and maintenance of onsite wastewater treatment systems (OWTS). 

The City aims to protect public health and safety, the environment, and water quality. Guidelines and policies are provided to ensure safe and effective wastewater treatment and disposal. Additionally, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency offers useful Septic System Maintenance tips for homeowners.

Malibu Municipal Code Section 15.14 was amended in 2008 to include Chapter 15.14.070. A procedure was established requiring operating permits and Point of Sale inspections for OWTS, commonly known as septic systems.

OWTS failure criteria

The City Council approved an amendment to Malibu Municipal Code 5.38 and Malibu Municipal Code15.14. Effective August 10, 2017, the law establishes additional measures to identify and correct failed onsite wastewater treatment systems within the city. The changes include criteria for submittal of a Septage Pumping Report, a definition of excessive pumping, and procedures for corrective action.