Cross Creek Road / PCH Intersection Improvement Project

Project Update

The project applicant appealed the Planning Commission's action to the City Council. A City Council hearing date has not been determined.

Applicant Appeal Submittal 

Project Overview

The application is for construction of roadway improvements along Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) at its intersection with Cross Creek Road in accordance with Mitigation Measures K-2 adopted as part of the La Paz Final Environmental Impact Report (SCH No. 2003011131) and imposed as a condition of approval of the La Paz project. 

Planning Commission Action

 On June 15, 2015, the Planning Commission adopted Planning Commission Resolution No. 15-37 to approve Coastal Development Permit No. 14-036, an application for construction of roadway improvements along Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) at its intersection with Cross Creek Road, including construction of a westbound right-turn lane along PCH at the Cross Creek intersection, re-alignment of the PCH/Cross Creek intersection to the south towards Malibu Lagoon State Beach, construction of a retaining wall along the southern project boundary and other minor roadway improvements, all located within the PCH right-of-way, with conditions that the design be adjusted to leave the trees in place, replace affected on-street parking, and install paddles in PCH east of Cross Creek Road to prevent left turns and to direct staff to come back with a report to the Planning Commission indicating whether the mitigation measure has been implemented. In addition, the following conditions were added to the resolution: 1) The design of the project shall be adjusted to allow the sycamore tree and five eucalyptus trees to remain in place and that on-street parking spaces are not eliminated; 2) The project design shall incorporate paddles in the PCH right-of-way east of Cross Creek Road to prevent eastbound left turns onto PCH from the Shell station driveway nearest the intersection; and 3) Staff shall bring back a report to the Planning Commission on whether Mitigation Measure K-2 has been implemented. 

June 15, 2015 Planning Commission Meeting Materials

Resolution No. 15-37

Agenda Report (see Item 4A)

Staff Presentation

Applicant Presentation

Meeting Video

Environmental Documents

The La Paz Ranch Final EIR was certified in 2008 by City Council and the subject intersection improvements are Mitigation Measure K-2.

An Addendum to the Final EIR was prepared to update the Final EIR with detailed information about the proposed intersection improvements included in CDP No. 14-036. The Addendum was considered by the Planning Commission with the application for CDP No. 14-036. The Final EIR has already been certified and was provided to the Planning Commission as required by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

Availability of Documents

All documents associated with this application are available for review at City Hall or by contacting Kathleen Stecko at 310-456-2489, ext. 374.


Project Site Plan (PDF)

Addendum to the La Paz Development Agreement Final EIR

La Paz Development Agreement Final EIR