Storm Preparation

Although California has experienced serious drought conditions over the past several years, it is important to prepare for rainy seasons, including increased rainfall and winds, along with large wave action. These conditions can result in flooding, debris flows, landslides, coastal erosion, coastal structure damage, and more, particularly in canyons and burn areas.

City Preparation

 In order to prevent potential damage from storm conditions, the City regularly performs precautionary measures, including:

  • Cleaning and clearing all catch basins, pipes, culverts, and waterways of debris
  • Checking flood control devices and valves
  • Checking stream and creek banks
  • Patching and filling cracks in pavement
  • Trimming trees
  • Securing sign posts
  • Stocking up on and staging materials and safety equipment, such as K-rails, sandbags, barricades, plastic sheeting, flashing beacons and traffic control devices, street signs, posts and hardware, and water pumping equipment

 The City coordinates its preventative maintenance efforts with outside agencies, including Caltrans, Los Angeles County Flood Control District, Los Angeles County Public Works, Los Angeles County Beaches and Harbors, State Parks, National Parks, Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles County Sheriff, California Highway Patrol, and local utility companies.

Resident Preparation

 Residents should also prepare their property to protect it from potential damage by completing the following prior to predicted heavy storms: 

  • Clean storm drains and gutters
  • Clean debris around your property
  • Improve drainage and water issues around your property
  • Check roof for potential leaks
  • Inspect structural support piles, if applicable
  • Restock emergency kits and equipment with supplies for a minimum of three days - The City's Survival Guide details what you should have in your emergency supply kit
  • Obtain and strategically deploy sandbags (available from the Los Angeles County Fire Department and Department of Beaches and Harbors)
  • Check flood insurance

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