Short-Term Rental Program

EFFECTIVE January 15, 2021 On September 29, 2020, the City Council voted to adopt Ordinance No. 468 (Enforcement Ordinance), which creates a new STR Permit system to regulate the short-term rental of residential property.

Advertising or operating residential property as a short-term rental (STR) without a permit as of January 15, 2021 will be considered a violation of Ordinance No. 468 and Malibu Municipal Code Chapter 17.55. The short-term rental of property or the advertisement, offer, or facilitation of such rental without a valid short-term rental permit shall be subject to a fine of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) per day or violation, or twice the advertised short-term rental’s daily rental rate per day or violation, whichever is higher.

Be advised that the Hosted Ordinance adopted by the City Council on November 23, 2020 is under review by the California Coastal Commission and could impact the ability to qualify for a STR permit in the future. For more information regarding the Ordinance in progress, visit the Hosted Ordinance webpage.

Applying for a Short-Term Rental Permit

There are two ways to apply for a Short-Term Rental Permit: Via the online application, or by mailing in an application. Both processes are described below.

Online Application Submittal

The City offers an online application hosted by its STR administration consultant, Host Compliance. As part of the online application, property owners will need to:

  • Provide proof of ownership by uploading a copy of their Grant Deed, and operating agreement if applicable, into the online application
  • Print, sign, and initial the attestation page and upload it into the online application
  • Mail the original signed and initialed attestation page to: the City of Malibu Short-Term Rental Permit Program (23825 Stuart Ranch Road, Malibu, CA 90265)
  • Pay by credit card

For questions or assistance filling out your application, contact or call the City’s STR support line at 310-456-2489, ext. 381.

Mail-In Application Submittal

To submit the application by mail, owners should complete the following:

  • Enter information in the mail-in Application Form 
  • Print out the completed application, sign and initial as required
  • Mail the application to "City of Malibu Short-Term Rental Permit Program" (23825 Stuart Ranch Road, Malibu, CA 90265) along with the following:
    • Proof of ownership (a copy of the Grant Deed and, if applicable, a copy of the operating agreement) 
    • Check in the amount of $439 payable to the City of Malibu

For questions or assistance filling out your application, contact or call the City’s STR support line at 310-456-2489, ext. 381.


If you wish to challenge the City's decision on your STR permit application, you may submit a written challenge on the City’s Appeal Form detailing the basis for the appeal and any additional documentation you would like to be considered. 

The completed Appeal Form must be delivered to the City Clerk within thirty (30) calendar days from the date you were notified of the City's decision. Failure to do so shall result in the permit being deemed final and no further appeal will be allowed. Once a timely and complete appeal form has been received by the City Clerk, a hearing on the matter shall be scheduled before the Planning Commission in accordance with the procedure detailed in Malibu Municipal Code Section 17.04.220. Please note that if an appeal is filed, you will still be prohibited from short-term rental activity at the property while the appeal is in process.


For questions regarding the City's Transient Occupancy Tax program, contact the Finance Division at 310-456-2489.


As part of Ordinance No. 468, property owners must post the City of Malibu’s Short-Term Rental Code of Conduct on the inside of the main entrance door to the dwelling unit or directly adjacent.


Residents may report nuisances related to short-term rentals in their neighborhood either by calling the STR Hotline at 310-456-2489, ext. 308 or emailing Nuisance reports should include the rental address, the nature of the nuisance, and any other pertinent details. Code Enforcement staff will respond to the calls the next business day. If more immediate response is required, call the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station at 310-456-6652. As always, in an emergency, residents should call 911.