There are trees that are blocking my view. What can I do?
The City’s View Ordinance was adopted to provide residents and property owners a legal process to resolve these issues. The intention of the View Ordinance is to provide a framework that encourages view owners and foliage owners to work together to resolve issues amicably and civilly. Review the View Restoration process or View Preservation process to see which might be appropriate for your situation. If you have questions after reading these two sections, call the City Planning Hotline at 310-456-2489, extension 485.View Preservation & View Restoration webpage

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1. There are trees that are blocking my view. What can I do?
2. What is the difference between View Preservation and View Restoration?
3. If I have a Primary View Determination conducted at my property, and the view improves due to tree or foliage removal, can I get a new Primary View Determination?
4. Whose responsibility is it to pay for tree trimming, the view owner or the foliage owner?
5. If my neighbor with the trees and I reach an agreement, what do we do next?
6. Do I have to follow the View Preservation process before requesting a View Preservation Permit from the City?
7. What happens once the Planning Commission issues a View Preservation Permit for restorative action, and who enforces these permits?
8. I'm in a Woolsey Fire area, can I obtain a Primary View Determination?