What are the requirements of this ordinance?

The ordinance bans the sale or distribution of the following products made, in whole or in part, from polystyrene foam:

  • Food ware (including cups, plates, clamshells, and other containers)
  • Meat and fish trays, and egg cartons
  • Packing materials* (including “peanuts” and shipping boxes, and when using within Malibu to pack items sold, unless packing materials were donated or are reused and not sent to consumer or end user)
  • Coolers, ice chests or similar containers*
  • Pool or beach toys*
  • Dock floats, mooring buoys, or anchor or navigational markers*

* Unless they are wholly encased within a more durable material

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1. When does the Polystyrene Foam Ban go into effect?
2. What businesses does the ordinance apply to in Malibu?
3. What are the requirements of this ordinance?
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5. What products are acceptable alternatives to polystyrene foam?
6. What is the purpose of the ban?
7. Isn’t polystyrene foam already banned in Malibu?
8. How is this ordinance different from the 2005 ordinance?
9. Who is responsible for enforcement?
10. Are there waivers available?
11. Is polystyrene foam recyclable in Malibu?