How is this ordinance different from the 2005 ordinance?

Since 2005, Malibu has had a ban on polystyrene foam food ware for food prepared and served in the city, which has successfully reduced polystyrene litter. However, remaining polystyrene foam is still having a negative impact on the environment in that it is easily transported by wind and water, does not biodegrade, and is ingested by wildlife. This ordinance expands on the success of the food service ware ban in reducing polystyrene foam use and litter.

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1. When does the Polystyrene Foam Ban go into effect?
2. What businesses does the ordinance apply to in Malibu?
3. What are the requirements of this ordinance?
4. What is polystyrene foam?
5. What products are acceptable alternatives to polystyrene foam?
6. What is the purpose of the ban?
7. Isn’t polystyrene foam already banned in Malibu?
8. How is this ordinance different from the 2005 ordinance?
9. Who is responsible for enforcement?
10. Are there waivers available?
11. Is polystyrene foam recyclable in Malibu?