What/who is The People Concern?

One of the largest agencies in Los Angeles County providing services to the homeless population, The People Concern, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Los Angeles,  works to build self-sufficiency, restore dignity, and help the most vulnerable to become contributing members of the community, enhancing the quality of life for everyone concerned. Their ultimate goal is to transition homeless individuals from living on the street to achieving and maintaining permanent housing.

Since 2016, The People Concern has fielded two, full-time outreach workers in Malibu to engage regularly with the City's homeless population. The workers locate, engage and build relationships with each individual and, once they gain their trust, offer appropriate assistance, including necessary social services, medical care, substance addiction treatment, and more. Throughout the process, they work with the individuals to complete the process of being placed in permanent housing. Through mid-2018, the outreach workers have successfully assisted 30 homeless persons in Malibu to get off the street and into permanent housing with another 18 placed in interim housing.

To leave a message directly for the outreach workers of The People Concern, call 310-460-2638 or email MalibuOutreach@ThePeopleConcern.org. For more information about The People Concern, visit ThePeopleConcern.org.

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2. What/who is The People Concern?
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