What are some resources to keep informed?
  • Visit the Storm Preparation Information webpage for how you can prepare for rain and associated debris flows and mudslides,
  • Sign up for the City E-notifications to receive alerts (Emergency, Traffic, Utility, etc.) and information notifications (select the Woolsey category for information specific to the recovery and rebuilding) by email and/or text.
  •  Visit LACounty.gov/Recovery for information on mental health services, insurance tips, tax relief, and more.
  •  Monitor www.MalibuRebuilds.org and follow the City on social media: (@CityofMalibu on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to get the latest updates, forms, and other information about rebuilding and recovery.
  • Contact your insurance company to confirm coverage. Be sure to ask your provider if you have coverage for any code-related upgrades that may be required, including those related to seismic safety and fire safety. Not all policies provide coverage for reconstructing up to current building codes.

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1. How do I find existing permits for my destroyed or damaged structures?
2. What steps toward rebuilding can I take now?
3. How do I request a fee waiver or fee refund for a fire rebuild?
4. When is the deadline to apply to rebuild?
5. Am I able to stay on my property while I process an application to rebuild?
6. If I choose to rebuild or repair my home, what kind of permits will I need?
7. Do I need a permit to install erosion control devices for storm preparation?
8. Can I use any remaining structural elements?
9. What if I have no plans to rebuild?
10. If I sell my property, is the new owner able to take advantage of the expedited processes and exemptions?
11. What are the property rights if a Woolsey affected property is sold?
12. What if I have charred landscaping but no structural damage?
13. Am I able to install temporary fencing to secure my property?
14. What are some resources to keep informed?