Why doesn’t Malibu have local control over its schools now?

Currently, SM-MUSD Board Members are elected at-large. Malibu only represents a small fraction of the total voters in the SM-MUSD territory. Malibu voters are outnumbered and there is no guarantee that Malibu will have any representation the SM-MUSD School Board. In fact, there have been times when not one of the seven SM-MUSD Board Members lived in Malibu.  Without representation on the school board, the wishes of the Malibu community have not been adequately addressed by the Santa Monica-focused school board.

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1. How can the community help the effort to form a locally controlled Malibu Unified School District?
2. Will a new Malibu District require increased funding and/or will taxes go up?
3. Why did the City of Malibu stop negotiations with SMMUSD?
4. Will enrollment in the new Malibu Unified School District be too low for it to exist?
5. Will Santa Monica and Malibu vote to decide if there will be a Malibu Unified School District?
6. Once established, will the two new districts have unequal per pupil funding?
7. Should we freeze the unification process at this time due to the pandemic?
8. What will happen to the current employees in the new Malibu Unified School District?
9. SM-MUSD has asserted that under Malibu’s proposal per pupil funding in MUSD will be over $75,000 in ten years. Is this true?
10. SM-MUSD has asserted that under Malibu’s proposal Santa Monica programs for English learners, at-risk students and special education will be cut. Is this true?
11. Will separating SM-MUSD change where students currently go to school?
12. What are the funding sources for the SM-MUSD?
13. How will school funding be impacted by the proposed separation?
14. Will student funding decrease in Santa Monica or Malibu as a result of the proposed separation?
15. Will per pupil funding be negatively impacted by the proposed separation?
16. How much does Malibu pay in property taxes to SM-MUSD?
17. Will the racial and socio-economic demographics of the schools change under the proposed separation?
18. How is school property tax funding formulated?
19. What are the boundaries of the proposed MUSD?
20. Will the proposed MUSD boundaries be limited to the Malibu City limits?
21. Why doesn’t Malibu have local control over its schools now?
22. Will the proposed separation allow Malibu families to have local control over their children’s education?
23. Why are separate communities of Santa Monica and Malibu combined into one school district?
24. How long has Malibu been seeking separation from SM-MUSD?
25. SM-MUSD claims that the proposed separation will cause the reduction or elimination in educational programs, is this true?
26. SM-MUSD is a Basic Aid district, doesn’t that mean that they are wealthy?
27. Why is the City of Malibu the petitioner for school district separation?