Are building permits always required?
Construction and development without required Building Permits or Planning Department approvals is prohibited by the Malibu Municipal Code. Although some construction projects do not require building permits, exempt projects may still require Planning Department approval. For example, fences which are six feet or less in height, and storage sheds 120 square feet or less, do not require Building Permits but do require approval from the Planning Department. If you are not sure whether your project requires a building permit or Planning Department approval, contact the Planning Department or Building and Safety Division staff at 310-456-2489, ext. 484.

If you are found to be engaged in construction or development without required Building Permits or Planning Department approval, a Stop Work Order will be issued. This is a notice which requires that you cease all work on the property. Continuing to work after issuance of a Stop Work Order is a misdemeanor violation of the Malibu Municipal Code.

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