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Keep it Clean, Malibu Pledge

  1. Keep it Clean, Malibu Pledge

  2. Protect ASBS #24 from pollution!

  3. I will be respectful of wildlife that lives in the protected Area of Special Biological Significance.

  4. I will use water wisely and prevent it from running off of my property.

  5. I will minimize my use of chemicals, including harsh detergents, pesticides, herbicides, and other poisons.

  6. I will check if water flows off my property when I irrigate and make adjustments to eliminate any runoff.

  7. I will take my car to a car wash or prevent the water runoff from reaching a storm drain.

  8. I will use dry cleaning methods, such as sweeping, instead of hosing down driveways and outdoor areas.

  9. I will not litter or leave anything on the street that could end up in a storm drain or at the beach.

  10. I will clean up after my pets.

  11. I will report pollution threats to the Pollution Prevention Hotline at (310) 359-8003.

  12. I will enjoy the benefits of clean water at Malibu beaches.

  13. I will Keep it Clean!

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