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Contract Instructor - Intent to Instruct Form

  1. Instructor Information
  2. Do you have general liability insurance?*
  3. If yes, do you have coverage for $2,000,000 aggregate?
  4. Program Information
  5. Is the program meant to be a one-day workshop or weekly program?*
  6. Which session are you interested in teaching?*

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  7. Does the program take place indoor or outdoor?*
  8. Professional References
  9. Forms
  10. Email completed forms to Adrianna Fiori at
  11. 1. Application must address logistics as requested (i.e. description, dates, time, deadline, etc.). Proposals and attachments may not be submitted in lieu of the “Intent to Instruct” application. 2. Submitting this application is not confirmation your class has been approved. 3. Classes will not be held on observed holidays. 4. No additional classes other than what is advertised in the City’s Recreation Guide will be permitted without City authorization. 5. Classes that are cancelled due to low, or no, enrollment for two consecutive sessions may no longer be offered. 6. The City handles all registration for classes. Instructors are not permitted to collect fees under any circumstances. 7. It is required that all instructors, subcontractors, volunteers and assistants participate in a fingerprinting and background check. 8. Instructors are required to obtain written authorization from the City prior to assigning subcontractors. Subcontractors will be required to complete an Independent Contract Agreement and provide the City with an outline of their qualifications along with providing three (3) professional references. 9. Independent contract instructors will not discriminate against any employee, volunteer, participant or student due to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental handicap, marital status, veteran status or age. 10. The City works on a 30/70% split (30% of gross receipts goes to the City, 70% goes to the instructor).
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