What are the beach ordinances in Malibu?
Malibu adopted Title 17, Chapter 12 of the Los Angeles County Code regarding beach activities. The following are some of the restrictions applicable to local beaches:
  • Alcohol - The consumption of alcohol on any beach in Malibu is strictly prohibited. Violation of this law is a misdemeanor. A No Tolerance policy for alcohol on Malibu beaches has resulted in a decrease in alcohol-related accidents on Pacific Coast Highway, as well as a decrease in alcohol-related water rescues.
  • Animals - Animals are not allowed on any public beach in Malibu. Owners on private beaches may have their dogs on their own beach, but dogs must always be on a leash. Even on private beaches, dogs are not allowed on the public part of the beach below the mean high tide line.
  • Fires - Fires, including barbecues, are not allowed on any Malibu beach.
  • Nude Sunbathing - There are no nude beaches in Malibu. Violation of this ordinance is a misdemeanor.
Enforcement of these beach ordinances is by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Questions can be directed to the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff's Station at 310-456-6652.

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