69 Bravo Helistop

69 Bravo Helistop is located near the top of Saddle Peak Road with 360° views of the surrounding area. The property is used as a refueling facility for water-dropping firefighting helicopters, with 10,000 gallons of water onsite in self-replenishing tanks, plus hookups to fire hydrants and water storage. While battling wildfires, time is of the essence. 69 Bravo allows helicopters to drop water, turn around, re-fill, and quickly get back to the blaze. In the middle of the Santa Monica Mountains, this location provides a crucial resource for the Los Angeles County Fire Department to be able to protect Malibu and surrounding communities from their number one public safety threat.

Watch a video of 69 Bravo in use during the September 2020 Topanga Fire. In November 2020, the world's largest firefighting helicopter - the Chinook 47 - with a capacity of 3,000 gallons, was tested at 69 Bravo. Now, Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura Counties have each secured the use of a Chinook Helicopter for the coming fire season beginning June 15. All three helicopters will be based within 14 minutes' flight time to 69 Bravo. As a result, 69 Bravo has upgraded all four of its water tanks from the 6,000-gallon rubber/vinyl tanks to four brand new, 8,000-gallon metal tanks to accommodate the Chinooks.

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