Proposed Malibu Unified School District

Actions & Milestones

  1. 2018-2020 Negotiations
  2. 2015-2017 MUNC
  3. 2011-2015 AMPS
  1. Directed staff to send a letter to LACOE requesting formal acceptance of the City’s petition for the unification of a MUSD and, once accepted, temporarily suspend further actions pending the outcome of negotiation efforts with SM-MUSD; 
  2. Designated the City Manager and City Attorney to pursue negotiations with SM-MUSD under the guidance of the School District Separation Ad Hoc Committee; and 
  3. Accepted, in principle, the framework for school district separation recommended by the SM-MUSD Board of Education at its March 20, 2018 meeting
  • 5/26/2019 - City Council adopted its Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Work Plan establishing school district separation as the City’s third priority after public safety and Woolsey Fire rebuilds
  • 9/23/2019 - City Council directed the School District Separation Ad Hoc Committee, City Manager, and City Attorney to:
  1. Develop a plan to pursue SM-MUSD separation with LACOE
  2. Consider any other options to facilitate separation; and 
  3. Continue considering negotiations with SM-MUSD