Dolphin Decal Access Program

Malibu's Dolphin Decal vehicle identification program was established to assist emergency personnel in identifying residents and other individuals who need to be in Malibu during a dire emergency such as a fire, landslide, or earthquake.

In the event of a road closure that will last multiple days, the Dolphin Decal may expedite passage into the restricted area. This decal will be used to assist in identification only, and gives no special rights or privileges to the holder. Decals are non-transferable and non-refundable. There is no expiration date on the decals.

When approaching a roadblock, all motorists will be checked for proof of residency or business in the Malibu area or to ensure they have a Dolphin Decal on their vehicle.

Levels of Road Closures

The following designations, broken down into five levels, are used to identify the types of road closures that might be deployed in the event of a major emergency in Malibu:

  • Level 5: Closed to All Traffic, Including Emergency Personnel / First Responders 
    • Areas deemed unsafe or impassable for all
  • Level 4: Open to Emergency Personnel Only
    • Only law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical personnel
  • Level 3: Access to Fire and Law Personnel and Critical Resources Only 
    • Utility companies, Red Cross, and special requested resources with valid identification
  • Level 2: Open to the Above Plus Residents and Business Owners
    • Must have valid proof of Malibu residency and/or business ownership
  • Level 1: Road Open to All Traffic 

During long term Level 1 and Level 2 road closures, the Malibu Dolphin Decal, or reasonable proof of residency or employment at a business within the City of Malibu, will usually be honored, but passage is always at the discretion of public safety personnel.

More Information

Complete an Emergency Decal Application and return it to City Hall (23825 Stuart Ranch Rd) to receive your decal.