Whole Foods & the Park Shopping Center

Project Status

The Whole Foods Market has been constructed and tenant spaces are undergoing construction. 

Project Description

The Whole Foods and the Park project (proposed project) includes the development of two parcels totaling 5.88 acres. The project site is currently vacant. The proposed project consists of a new, 38,425 square-foot community shopping center in the Civic Center area of the City of Malibu. The floor area ratio (FAR) for the project would be 0.15. The shopping center is designed to be anchored by a 24,549 square-foot Whole Foods Market and four smaller commercial retail buildings totaling 13,876 square feet. The buildings would have pitched roofs up to 28 feet in height and would surround a central parking area with walkways, landscaping, and outdoor amenities integrated throughout. The proposed project is intended to provide a variety of community and visitor-serving commercial uses, including up to 4,000 square feet of restaurant use and approximately 4,800 square feet designed for outdoor seating and dining.

The applicant is seeking the following entitlements as part of the proposed project:

  • Specific Plan in accordance with Malibu Municipal Code Section 17.02.045;
  • General Plan Amendment and Zoning Map Amendment to change APN 4458-022-022 from Commercial General to Commercial Visitor Serving-1, consistent with the Local Coastal Program;
  • Lot Merger of the two parcels;
  • Coastal Development Permit for construction of the shopping center;
  • Conditional Use Permit for construction of more than 500 square feet of commercial space, restaurant uses and onsite and offsite alcohol sales;
  • Site Plan Review for remedial grading quantities, and structure heights up to 28 feet; and
  • Minor Modification for reduction of required yards.

Public Meetings

A list of public meetings, including meeting materials such as staff reports, presentations, and meeting video links.

Environmental Impact Report (EIR)

The City of Malibu has certified the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Whole Foods and the Park Shopping Center project.

Additional Resources

Civic Center Northeast Specific Plan
City Council Resolution No. 15-41 (Certifying the Final EIR)

City Council Resolution No. 15-42 (Adopting Amendments to the General Plan)
City Council Resolution No. 15-43 (Approving Coastal Development Permit)
City Council Resolution No. 15-44 (Call for Special Election on Tuesday, November 3, 2015)
Ordinance Nos. 394 and 395 (See Item 3A1)
Project Plans
Analysis of Fiscal Impact of Formula Retail Ordinances Proposed for the City of Malibu, Kotin 2014
Malibu Economic Services Report, Applied Development Economics 2007