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Community Program Interest Survey

  1. The Community Services Department strives to provide high-quality and engaging programs that enrich the lives of the Malibu community. Please complete the Community Program Interest Form to submit suggestions to assist the Department in offering programs that reflect the community's needs.
  2. 1. Have you previously participated in a City of Malibu Community Services Department program?
  3. 2. What zip code do you live in?
  4. 3. How did you hear about City of Malibu Community Services Department programs? Select all that apply.
  5. 4. Which program location do you prefer? Select all that apply.
  6. 5. What type of programs would you like the City of Malibu Community Services Department to offer? Select all that apply.
  7. 6. Which age range will participate in the suggested programs? Select all that apply.
  8. 8. Which time of day do you prefer?
  9. If yes, please fill out the information below:
  10. If you are interested, or know someone who might be interested in instructing a program, please visit and submit the Intent to Instruct Form. Contact Recreation Coordinator, Adrianna Fiori at or 310-456-2489, ext. 239 with questions.
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