Housing Element Update

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Updated 6/10/21 - Efforts to conduct a comprehensive update of the Housing Element for the 6th planning cycle are underway. 

State Housing Element law requires that each City and County identify and analyze existing and projected housing needs within their jurisdictions, and prepare goals, policies, programs and quantified objectives to further the development, improvement, and preservation of housing. 

The four major and required components of the Housing Element are the following:

  • Housing Needs Assessment: An analysis of the City's demographic, household and housing characteristics and related housing needs.
  • Housing Constraints: A review of potential market, governmental, and infrastructure constraints to meeting the City's identified housing needs.
  • Housing Resources: An evaluation of residential sites and financial resources available to address the City's housing goals.
  • The Housing Plan: A plan for addressing the City's identified housing needs, constraints, and resources through housing goals, policies and programs.


On July 22, 2021, at 6:30 PM, the Planning Commission will hold a study session on the 2021-2029 update of the City of Malibu General Plan Housing Element which establishes and implements specific goals, policies, and objectives relative to the provision of housing for all income levels consistent with all applicable state housing element law. No legislative action will be taken at this meeting. 

To sign up to speak and watch the meeting live please go to https://www.malibucity.org/virtualmeeting and follow the instructions on that page. A recording will also be made available on https://www.malibucity.org/videos..

Following the Planning Commission meeting, feedback will be incorporated into the updated Housing Element and presented to the City Council for review and revisions. Prior to formal adoption, the draft Housing Element will be sent to the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) for review.

To provide written correspondence, email planningcommission@malibucity.org.

To discuss the Housing Element, ask questions, provide input, or express concerns, contact Justine Kendall, Associate Planner, at 310-456-2489, ext. 301.

Watch Past Meetings:

June 23, 2021 Public Workshop Video Recording


The City of Malibu, along with all jurisdictions in California, is mandated by California State Government Code Sections 65580 to 65589 to prepare Housing Element updates to its General Plan for State certification within a specified timeframe covering a range of years to reflect the most recent trends in demographics and employment that may affect existing and future housing demand and supply. The City of Malibu Housing Element must be updated and certified every eight years.

The State of California Housing Element Law, enacted in 1969, mandates that local governments adequately plan to meet the existing and projected housing needs of the community in all economic levels. Included in this State law is the requirement that local governments adopt land use plans and regulatory systems that provide opportunities for, and do not unduly constrain, housing development. 

Each California city is required to plan for new housing to accommodate a share of regional needs. The Regional Housing Needs Assessment (“RHNA”) is the process established in State law by which each city’s housing needs are determined. The City falls within the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) for purposes of this process. SCAG has made the final RHNA allocation assigned to each member City for the October 2021 through October 2029 planning period available at its website

For a complete history of the City of Malibu’s Housing Element, visit the Housing Element History webpage.

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