Environmental Programs


City Council provides staff with an annual work plan. In addition to these tasks, staff coordinates ongoing programs and projects,  including energy, pollution prevention, coastal, water conservation, waste reduction, and events and outreach.

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El Matador-7

Malibu has 17 major watersheds and an even more sub-watersheds. All the land area drains to a body of water such as a creek, stream, or the ocean. Runoff, from stormwater or irrigation, flows toward the ocean and picks up pollutants along the way. Find out more by viewing the City's Urban Runoff video in English or Español

Read about the Clean Water Program or download educational materials from the Library.



California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) sets waste reduction goals, such as state-wide 75% waste recycling goal. The City's program currently maintains the goals of AB 939.

Policies include curbside recycling and mandatory commercial recycling goals of AB 341.

Find recycling and trash information for residents, businesses, and haulers.


one water

The City's One Water Malibu campaign was aimed at getting the entire community actively involved in saving water and making water conservation a permanent lifestyle rather than a temporary response to the historic California drought. The campaign produced four video PSAs, logos, a Sustainable Garden Gallery, and a conservation festival.

Learn about water conservation and view the One Water Malibu videos.