Pollution Prevention hotline

  1. Report by Phone
  2. Report Online

Call the City’s One Call to City Hall service line (310-456-CITY ext. 310) or 800-395-9084 to report flows into the storm drain system or onto any public street.

The Pollution Prevention Hotline is for the public to provide immediate notification of activities that are impacting the environment and/or public health.

  • Bilingual operators (English and Spanish) standing by 24/7.
  • Operators notify the City; staff may contact the caller for additional information. 
  • All caller information will be kept confidential.

Examples of prohibited activities

  • Sewage discharges onto the ground, into storm drains, or surface waters (creeks and oceans)
  • Overflowing onsite wastewater treatment systems (OWTS, also known as septic systems)
  • Septic flowing towards storm drains or surface waters 
  • Graywater (water from washing machines or car washing) flowing towards storm drains or surface waters
  • Pollution entering storm drains or surface waters
  • Contamination to creeks, lagoons, or the ocean
  • Dry-weather discharge from pipes
  • Dumping into drains and/or surface waters
  • Construction site soil or debris entering the streets, storm drains, or surface waters
  • Polluted runoff from construction storage or leaking dumpsters