Wastewater Management / Environmental Health


About the Program

The Program includes permitting, plan review, and oversight programs for onsite wastewater treatment systems (OWTS). Building and development projects are reviewed for OWTS compliance with Local Coastal Program requirements, State, and local laws. Detailed information is available in the Malibu Municipal Code Chapter 15, sections 40, 42, 44 and Malibu OWTS Manual

  • Qualified Local Agency that implements State OWTS standards - Local Agency Management Program (LAMP)
  • Jurisdiction over inspections in connection with OWTS plans
  • Local Coastal Plan permitting authority for OWTS
  1. review process
  2. counter hours

Most of the existing developed properties in Malibu are served by an OWTS. Environmental Health reviews ensure that proposed uses of new or existing systems are compliant with requirements for protection of public health and the environment.

categories for project review

  1. Building additions/remodels that do not result in new or expanded sewage disposal capacity (no addition to permitted bedrooms, permitted plumbing fixture units, or increase of building footprint). 
    • Simple projects that do not affect an existing OWTS may be reviewed at the counter.
    • Project examples include: replacement of like-for-like plumbing fixtures, doors, windows, and other cosmetic renovations. 
  2. New buildings/additions/remodels that result in new or expanded sewage disposal capacity (may require a new or upgraded OWTS).
    • These projects will be reviewed to determine whether the existing OWTS has available capacity or if it is feasible to install a new or upgraded system.
    • Project examples include: new residence, addition of a guest house, bedroom/bathroom addition, and commercial building tenant improvement.
  3. If a project is outside the scope of category one or two, contact staff for Plan Check submittal requirements.