Wastewater Management / Environmental Health

City staff is available by phone or email to assist with City business. For general department questions, contact staff at 310-456-2489, extension 390 and via email Mbuilding@malibucity.org.

In-Person Counter Services 

Walk-ins and appointments Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM. Schedule an appointment with the online Appointment Request Portal or sign in at City Hall to get in the queue. 

The public will need an appointment for in-person assistance for all other times.

 Visit MalibuRebuilds.org for information specific to Woolsey Fire rebuilds.

Payment Methods

  • In-Person Payment – Payment by check or VISA and MasterCard is accepted with an additional 2.36% credit card transaction fee. It is recommended that you bring an electronic device, such as a smart phone or tablet, in case staff needs the applicant to transfer files at the time of the visit. Mailed checks are also accepted.
  • E-Payment by Credit Card – online payments have an additional 2.36% credit card transaction fee; payment by American Express, VISA or MasterCard is accepted. Once you submit through the online portal, staff will contact you with next steps.

Submitting for Project Review 

There are two separate submittal stages: Planning reviews and Building Plan Check reviews, including first submittal, resubmittal, revision, or addendums. All submittals must include the following information:

  • Project site legal address
  • Planning case number (if assigned)
  • Property Owner Information: first/last name, LLC or trust, address, phone number and email
  • Applicant: first/last name, business name, phone number and email 
  • Payor for fees: first/last name, email address and phone number
  • Description of project scope and list of submittal contents (document types and dates of issue):
    • Onsite wastewater treatment systems (new/repair/alteration)
    • Architectural 
    • Structural (include if piles &/or grade beams proposed)
    • Civil, if applicable
  • Stage of Review: Planning or Plan Check 
  • Type of submittal: First or re-submittal
  • Indicate whether the project is a Woolsey Fire Rebuild.

After the Environmental Health review application has been processed, an invoice will be emailed for electronic payment. After payment, the active Planning or Plan Check application(s) will be emailed to the Applicant with directions to upload all required submittal documents. 

Planning Stage Reviews

Plans and supporting design reports are referred by Planning to Environmental Health. 

Building Plan Check Stage Reviews

Plan Review Correction Pick-up

Onsite Review - Schedule an appointment with the online Appointment Request Portal to pick up the plans.  

Offsite Review - Staff will notify Applicant by email of the following events: 

  • Conformance reviews completed or corrections (Planning stage)
  • Construction plan approval stamps or corrections (Building Plan Check stage) 

Construction Permit Issuance for Approved Plans

Once construction plans are approved, Permit Services staff will coordinate permit issuance. See the Building Safety webpage for instructions.

Operating Permit Submittal

Application forms (inspection report, transfer of ownership, certificate of inspection) and fees for Operating Permits now can be submitted by mail or electronically.

  • Submittal by Mail – Applicant may send the application forms with a check payable to City of Malibu to: City of Malibu, c/o Environmental Health, 23825 Stuart Ranch Road, Malibu, CA  90265.
  • Electronic Submittal – Applicant may send the application forms by email to mbuilding@malibucity.org. Staff will respond with electronic fee payment information. Or to submit payment in-person, schedule an appointment with the online Appointment Request Portal.

 After processing the Permit application and fees, staff will email the Applicant.

Code Questions 

City adopted 2019 LA County Plumbing Code, Chapter 18 of the Malibu Local Coastal Program/Local Implementation Plan, and Malibu Municipal Code Chapter 15.40 and 15.42.