Human Resources



Human Resources provides support services to the City's employees in the areas of:

  • Recruitment, selection, classification, and compensation
  • Equal employment opportunity
  • Performance evaluation
  • Training and development
  • Employee benefits, services, and programs
  • Personnel record keeping
  • Employee relations, including discipline and administration of federal and state employment laws, and the risk management function, which maintains responsibility for all the City's insurance needs, including:
    • Property
    • Workers compensation
    • Fidelity bonds
    • Special events
    • Auto liability

The City's current Organization Chart is approved by the City Council in the Budget process. A detailed listing of City staff positions and Salary Ranges are also approved by the Council with approval of the Fiscal Year budget.

Risk Management

Human Resources applies loss prevention and control measures through identification and analysis of loss exposure in the areas of liability, workers compensation, and property loss.

The City is a member of the California Joint Powers Insurance Authority, which provides for the pooling of self-insured losses of its member cities.