Outside Agency Projects

Many projects conducted in and around Malibu by agencies other than the City of Malibu can affect commute time through the construction areas and may cause additional traffic on alternate routes. Motorists should take extra caution when passing through the work zones.

CaltransTrancas Creek Bridge Replacement Project

Project Update

On September 8, 2020, the Planning Commission approved the Coastal Development Permit as well as the CEQA environmental document. Following a 10-day local appeal period during which the project could be appealed to the City Council, the City will notify the California Coastal Commission of its final action. An aggrieved person may appeal the Planning Commission's approval to the Coastal Commission within 10 workings days of the issuance of the City's Notice of Final Local Action. Such an appeal must be filed with the Coastal Commission, not the City.

Project Overview

Caltrans is proposing to replace the existing 96-year old, 85-foot wide, 90-foot long concrete bridge, which was constructed in 1927 to span Trancas Creek on PCH in Malibu, with a new concrete bridge, which will be 105 feet wide by 240 feet long. The new bridge will provide two 12-foot traffic lanes, bike lanes, separate pedestrian lanes and 10-foot shoulders in each direction. The northbound and southbound traffic will be separated by a six-foot striped median. The project is estimated to cost approximately $12.5 million. Construction is expected to begin in February 2021 and be completed in March 2023. The project requires a Coastal Development Permit to be issued by the City, as well as adoption of the CEQA document. 

Along with this Caltrans project, the City will be constructing a new, dedicated right turn lane on westbound PCH at Trancas Canyon Road. The proposed right turn lane will be approximately 430 feet long and will accommodate right turns onto Trancas Canyon Road, as well as traffic entering into the Trancas Market shopping center. The project will be funded by Measure R Highway Operational Improvements funds.

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