Charmlee Wilderness Park

Charmlee Wilderness Park is located at 2577 Encinal Canyon Road, Malibu and is open from 8:00 AM to Sunset daily. Visitors are asked to abide by the posted park rules.  The park is closed during Red Flag Warnings. For additional park details, call 310-317-1364.

Located on over 532 acres within the best of the Santa Monica Mountains Coastal Slope Environment, Charmlee Wilderness Park includes over eight miles of hiking trails, picnic areas, native plants, and a nature center (currently closed).

Charmlee Wilderness Park sustained substantial damage during the Woolsey Fire, and repair work to the trail system and erosion control began on June 3, 2020. After several months of repairs, the park reopened for public use on October 19, 2020.  


Charmlee Wildlife Cameras

To monitor wildlife and for public education purposes, the Community Services Department placed wildlife cameras at Charmlee Wilderness Park in November 2021.  Sightings have included a male bobcat, quail, a fox, coyotes, deer, rabbits, skunks, owls, and various birds. New pictures and videos will be posted periodically here on the Charmlee webpage and on the Community Services Department social media platforms .   

Video of animals commonly seen on Charmlee wildlife cameras can be seen below.

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