Alarm Permit


Malibu Municipal Code (MMC) Section 8.08 regulates alarm systems in the City, one of the primary purposes of which is to reduce the number of false alarms by requiring corrective action, and by penalizing only those persons whose alarms malfunction on a repeated basis.

This ordinance requires anyone who owns or uses an alarm system to obtain a permit from the City for that system. Alarm systems that are not designed to evoke a police or fire response, and are not intended to be audible outside of the premises, are exempt from this requirement. There is an initial permit fee of $71; thereafter, each permit must be renewed annually with payment of the annual fee of $43.

Under this system, a service charge will be imposed for alarm systems that emit more than two false alarms during any consecutive 12-month period. The third false alarm in any consecutive 12-month period will be assessed at $314. Each false alarm thereafter will be assessed $105 per instance. Repeated false alarms may result in revocation of the Alarm Permit. The penalties for operating an alarm system without a permit are contained in MMC Section 8.08.160.

Alarm Permit Application Form

The Alarm Permit Application Form can be submitted two ways:

Print and Mail 

Print the Alarm Permit Application Form, complete and initial where indicated. Mail Application Form and $71 registration fee to the Alarm Permit Office.

Submit Online: 

Complete and submit the Alarm Permit Application Form online. Mail a copy of the online submittal confirmation and $71 registration fee to the Alarm Permit Office.

An online payment option is coming soon. Until then, mail completed Application or online submittal confirmation page and registration fee to:

City of Malibu
Alarm Permit Office
23825 Stuart Ranch Road
Malibu, CA 90265


Refer to the City Fee Schedule for current permit fees and penalties related to alarm systems.