L.A. County Lifeguards

The public beaches in Malibu are guarded by the Los Angeles County Lifeguards, a division of the Los Angeles County Fire Department. Lifeguards are responsible for providing ocean lifesaving protection for Malibu's beachgoing residents and an estimated 11-12 million visitors to Malibu beaches each year. 

During peak summer months, Lifeguard services are supplemented by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department's Summer Enforcement Team, commonly referred to as the Beach Team. The City partners with the Lost Hills Sheriff's Station each summer to ensure a safe and wholesome beach environment for the residents and visitors of Malibu by adding an extremely motivated team of sworn and non-sworn Sheriff’s personnel to provide a strong, visible, pro-active police presence at the beach. From the ground and air, the Beach Team ensures enforcement of all applicable laws and assists with crowd control and parking enforcement.

Lifeguard Reports

The Lifeguards provide the City with monthly reports indicating the number of beach visitors and various Lifeguard actions, including medical response, ocean rescue, missing persons, boat warnings, and more.

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