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Emergency Preparedness

  1. Woolsey Fire Feedback

    Malibu residents are invited to share their stories, comments, questions, or suggestions related to their experiences during and after... More…

Environmental Sustainability Forms

  1. Pollution Report

    The Pollution Report form is for the public to immediately report activities that are impacting the environment and/or public health.... More…

  1. Report a Water Waster

    Report water runoff to the City of Malibu and help conserve our resources during this severe drought. Use this form or call City Hall... More…

Management Forms

  1. School Experience

    Provide feedback with your family's experience in SMMUSD schools and your thoughts about the formation of an independent Malibu Unified... More…

Parks and Rec Forms

  1. 2022 Malibu Bluffs Park Facility Inspection Form
  2. 2023 Afterschool Program Participant Form

    2022 Afterschool Program Participant Form

  3. 2023 Chumash Day Vendor Inquiry Form (New Vendor, or did not participate in 2022)
  4. 2023 Malibu Community Pool Facility Inspection Form
  5. 2023 Malibu Senior Center Facility Inspection Form
  6. 2023 Student Poetry and Art Anthology

    The City of Malibu Poetry and Art License and Release Form

  7. Application for Facility Use

    If you are interested in renting a City of Malibu facility, please submit the form below and you will be contacted by telephone or... More…

  8. Park Maintenance Request Form
  9. Senior Dial-A-Ride Application

    The Malibu Dial-A-Ride program provides subsidized rides to seniors (60 years of age or older) living within the City limits. Residents... More…

  10. Volunteer Registration Form

    Required form to volunteer with the City of Malibu.

  1. 2022 Skate Park Attendance Form
  2. 2023 Chumash Day Vendor Application (Returning Vendor from 2022)
  3. 2023 Malibu Bluffs Park Facility Inspection Form
  4. 2023 Malibu Poetry Anthology Submission Form
  5. 2023 Skate Park Attendance Form
  6. 2023-2024 Harry Barovsky Memorial Youth Commission Application

    Thank you for your interest in serving on the 2023-2024 City of Malibu Harry Barovsky Memorial Youth Commission. The City’s Youth... More…

  7. Contract Instructor - Intent to Instruct Form

    Fill out the following form if you are interested in teaching a recreation program with the City of Malibu, Community Services... More…

  8. Refund Request Form

    Refund Request Form for Community Services Department Programs

  9. Verse About Town Malibu Poetry Submission Form