If I choose to rebuild or repair my home, what kind of permits will I need?

Projects must have a zoning approval, which is handled by the Planning Department, and a building permit, which is handled by the Building Safety Division of the Environmental Sustainability Department. Zoning rules primarily deal with where a structure can be placed on a site, its square footage, and its height, among other things. The building code specifies how a structure is actually constructed, such as materials and methods. The City has both zoning and building codes, so both approvals are necessary.

Those to rebuild an in-kind replacement of legally-permitted structures lost may submit a Planning Verification (PV) Application. Visit MalibuCity.org/PermitSearch for information on how to research documentation needed to verify previously existing structure(s). As of March 28, 2019, those planning to rebuild legally-permitted structures, in-kind plus 10% height, bulk, or square footage, may also submit a PV application, as long as the new area is built to development standards, below 18 feet, on slopes flatter than 3:1 or 4:1 on Point Dume, and does not encroach into setbacks. Call the Planning Department at 310-456-2489, extension 485, or emailing at mplanning@malibucity.org to set up a pre-submittal appointment. The application form and checklist are available at MalibuCity.org/PV.

If you wish to add more than 10%, or the new area does not conform to the standards listed above, review other options that may be available to you at MalibuRebuilds.org.

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