Current Rebuild Status

Visit to view the most up-to-date statistics related to Woolsey Fire single-family rebuild projects, with numbers of projects in Planning Review all the way to Completed Homes, as well as the various types of projects and numbers of permits issued.


The City is offering a Building Plan Check Coordination Service to assist property owners whose homes were damaged or destroyed by the Woolsey Fire. A Rebuild Coordinator will assist applicants with securing approvals of building plans from all City Departments and outside agencies, and help complete construction permit applications upon approval of building plans.

  • Building Safety Plan Check for Rebuilds (Residential) - submittal packet, plans, and document requirements
  • Location: Malibu City Hall, Zuma Room - check in at the Fire Rebuild Help Desk in the upstairs lobby. 
  • Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM. To make an appointment, call 310-456-2489, ext. 378.

Steps for Rebuilding Your Property

  1. 1. Prepare your Property
  2. 2. Prepare your Plans

Before you get too far into rebuild design or the permit application process, follow the steps (as applicable) to prepare your property for rebuilding.

  1. 3. Obtain Permits
  2. Zoning Code Approval
  3. Building Code Approval

The Planning Department and Environmental Sustainability Department (ESD) are available to assist residents as they complete the applications and forms needed to permit debris removal, the installation of temporary housing and erosion control devices, and the reconstruction of destroyed and damaged homes.

All proposed work must be permitted by the City through a two-step process to comply with the City’s zoning and building codes. Start with Planning, then move onto Building Safety for review of your project. Prior to obtaining permits, your project may also need review by Public Works,  Environmental Health, and/or Geology.

  1. 4. Construction
  2. 5. Inspection

The California State Department of Consumer Affairs maintains an online tool to Check a Contractor License

This residential Construction Type V Sheet is to make quick processing of your application, useful in avoiding code compliance problems during construction, and efficient in keeping you, your family, and/or client safe and healthy during construction. Residents interested in more complex rebuild options can find additional Building Safety forms and information.

6. Move In

During construction, inspections will be made to ensure your home is being built to plan and will be safe to live in. After passing final inspection, a certificate of occupancy will be issued and you can move in!