Debris Removal

Fire debris, ash and other contaminated materials from burned structures may be hazardous waste and can threaten public health. On November 12, 2018, the County Health Officer issued a Declaration of a Local Health Emergency and Order Prohibiting the Endangerment of the Community through the Unsafe Removal, Transport and Disposal of Fire Debris. 

To ensure public safety and minimize further impacts on the environment, strict guidelines have been established for the removal of structural ash and fire debris. The Fire Debris Removal Process is divided into Phase I and Phase II.

Phase I was completed on January 25, 2019. Some properties may have been inaccessible due to locked gates or guard dogs. Contact LA County at 323-890-4000 if your property is not on the Phase 1 Inspections list or the Interactive Map, check Debris Removal Application Status.

View Opt-In State-Sponsored Debris Removal Status Map

To find out where your property is in the queue, call the County's Debris Removal Scheduling hotline at 805-819-8791.