Senior Center

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Malibu Senior Center Information

As a guest of the Malibu Senior Center, you can personally help maintain a warm, positive and safe environment. The Senior Center’s Code of Conduct provides guidelines for the behavior of all who volunteer and use the services provided by the Community Services Department.

As members of the Senior Center, patrons are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times while participating in programs and services, using facilities, or attending excursions provided or sponsored by the City of Malibu Community Services Department. Therefore, all patrons will be expected to adhere to this code of conduct. City staff members reserve the right to remove patrons from facilities or programs for those who violate the code of conduct. Suspension periods will be upheld and pertain to the use of the Malibu Senior Center and programs.

The Malibu Senior Center offers programs for citizens who are independent and can care of their own personal needs. The Center is not a day care facility and medical staff is not employed by the City nor are there any medical professionals onsite; however Senior Center staff members are trained in CPR and first aid. Participants are welcome to bring an attendant or caregiver with them in order to enjoy all of the services and programs.

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Programs for seniors and active adults are offered in the City’s 1,200-square foot Senior and Active Adult Center, located in Malibu City Hall. The Center offers a wide variety of recreational, fitness, cultural, and educational programming, social events, and excursions to give seniors and adults opportunities to maintain and improve physical and mental well-being, life skills, and active social lives.

Courses and lectures offered in partnership with outside agencies include AARP driver safety, health screenings, smart money planning, downsizing your house, computer skills, and Alzheimer’s awareness. The Emeritus College uses the Senior Center to provide enrichment classes, including modern poetry, autobiography, and art appreciation.