Zumirez Drive Realignment Project

Project Overview

For years, the offset north and south segments of Zumirez Dr created functional and safety concerns, especially when turning left from Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) onto Zumirez Dr. The Zumirez Drive Realignment Project would alleviate those concerns by aligning the two sections of the street into a straight throughway across PCH, creating a safer intersection for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians

Project Details

The Project aligned the south segment of Zumirez Dr with the north segment at the PCH intersection. The elimination of the road offset, plus the installation of a new traffic signal, provided safer, easier access to a large residential community in the Point Dume area and several housing developments.

Zumirez Drive Realignment Project

Construction began in March 2005, and all work was completed by September 2005.


The project was made possible in part by funding provided by Proposition C and Metropolitan Transportation Authority.