Permit Search

public records request

Step 1: request your tax assessor records

The LA County Tax Assessor’s office has given the city copies of tax assessor records for all properties affected by the Woolsey Fire. To access those records please:

  1. Property Owner: Come to City Hall with proof of ownership and a matching photo ID
  2. Property Owner Representative: Come to City Hall with a completed and notarized Owner Authorization Form

step 2: RESEARCH EXISTING digitized public records using the City’s electronic files system- ONBASE

  1. Go to OnBase
  2. To search for property records, use the drop down and select “ESD – Geology Files”
  3. Enter in your street number and select street name
  4. Access printer-friendly instructions for searching OnBase

Step 3: SUBMIT A REQUEST for  hard  copy  public  records online or in person

  1. Submit an electronic request for public records
  2. Create a new user account or sign in using existing credentials as needed
  3. Fill out the request form, listing addresses in which you are interested and specifying that the request is fire related.
  4. Staff will respond with a status update within 10 days. If there are files available for review, staff will arrange an appointment in which to do so.

If you prefer to submit your request in person, complete a Public Records Request Form (page 2) and return the form to City Hall during normal business hours.

Step 4: REQUEST ADDITIONAL RECORDS for your property from the California Coastal Commission

In some cases, the City may not have the records you are searching for. Another important outlet for records for properties in Malibu is the South Central Coastal Commission office in Ventura.

  • The best way to request records from the Ventura office is to email Julie Reveles at In your email, it is best to include the assessor’s parcel number (APN) and owner’s name, or previous owner’s name in addition to your street number and name.
  • Records available for Malibu properties from this agency date as far back as 1977, when the Commission was created. The office is located at 89 South California Street in Ventura and can be reached at 805-585-1800.


Before requesting copies of permits, plans, or other documents, check that your property is within the City limits using City GIS

If your property is outside the Malibu city limits (located in unincorporated LA County), visit the LA County Department of Regional Planning to request your property documents.